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Legalmaster has the ability to capture data from any software that exports into our simple ASCII exchange format. Although many users have written their own interfaces from other software, such as_ WordPerfect_, most rely on interfaces already on the market.

Cost recovery

The most common use of this capability is to capture data from cost recovery devices such as photocopiers, telephone systems, postage meters and fax machines. Among others, companies such as Equitrac, Copyguard, Copitrak, Transaction Recording Systems and Infortext offer Legalmaster download facilities.

Accounts payable

Another common use of Legalmaster’s Import Module is to capture data from Accounts Payable software packages. Most of our clients use LIBRA, Quickbooks or Platinum.

Time tracking

There are a number of time tracking packages that send their data to Legalmaster via our Import Module. Check out DTE (Distributed Time Entry), Carpe Diem, Atilla, Time Piece, Amicus, among others.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Import:

"Import" is part of the Legalmaster line of products, developed by Computer Software for Professionals.