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Legalmaster can produce electronic bills in over 50 formats.

The challenge is that the companies that are demanding that you submit bills electronically often have disparate requirements. The structures of their electronic files vary and the task coding systems that they use vary. Most of them are having their bills mediated by third parties such as Legalgard, Examen, Law Audit Services, Petersen, Tymetrix, ELF or Datacert. While most of these companies are asking for task coding, they’re not all using the same list of task codes. Nevertheless, most call whatever list that they do use either The ABA List or the UTBMS (Uniform Task-Based Management System). Some of the companies, such as LAS, merely require that the bill be sent as a text file, a capability that has been in Legalmaster since the mid 80’s, while others want an electronic file in some very precise format.

Many of these companies attempt to sell you software (and even hardware) that they claim is necessary to create data in their required format. It has been our experience that you need not buy anything from them unless you choose to do so; Legalmaster can produce data in any format that any company has ever requested. Remember, if you enter charges in another piece of software just for this one client, you would probably want to enter the charges redundantly in Legalmaster in order to keep complete records of all of your matters in one place. This is quite inefficient, especially since Legalmaster can create the data just the way they want them.

As we become aware of the demands of these companies, we are creating software and procedures that export Legalmaster billing data in each of their formats. We have already completed quite a few. Here are some of the more frequently requested formats. All are now available.

  • AIG (LEDES, but uses their own set of activity codes)
  • Air Liquid
  • American Express
  • American Modern Home (LEDES)
  • Argonaut (Legalgard)
  • Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Brown & Williamson
  • Chicago Insurance Company (Legalgard)
  • CGU [Commercial Union] (Examen)
  • Chubb (Legalgard)
  • Datacert, not a breath mint (LEDES)
  • ELF Technologies (LEDES)
  • Empire Fire and Marine (switched from Examen to LAS to ELF/LEDES)
  • eVelocity (LEDES)
  • Examen (both Structured Data File and Text formats)
  • Fireman’s Fund (Petersen and LAS)
  • Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company (Legalgard)
  • Fremont Comp (Examen)
  • Great American (Legalgard)
  • Group Counsel Insurance Company (LRI)
  • Hartford (TyMetrix)
  • Highland (Legalgard)
  • Interstate Insurance Company (Legalgard)
  • Kaiser (UTBMS)
  • Law Audit Services (LAS)
  • LEDES (Designed by PriceWaterhouse)
  • Legalgard (6 similar, but different, formats)
  • Legal Review, Inc. (LRI)
  • Liberty Mutual (LEDES)
  • MetLife (Examen and UTBMS)
  • Nationwide (LMA) (Legalgard)
  • Occam’s Razor Technologies, name changed to Datacert (LEDES)
  • Penn-America Insurance Company (Legalgard)
  • Penn National (Legalgard)
  • Penn-Star Insurance Company (Legalgard)
  • Peterson Consulting (BES)
  • Physicians Reciprocal Insurers (Peterson)
  • Providence Washington (Legalgard)
  • Reliance (Legalgard)
  • Republic Industries (Legalgard)
  • Royal & SunAlliance (Legalgard)
  • Scottsdale Insurance Company
  • ShareDoc/Legal (developed by Datacert, LEDES format)
  • Stuart, Maue, Mitchell & James (SMMJ)
  • Travelers Insurance
  • Trinity Universal Insurance Company (Legalgard)
  • Tymetrix
  • Uniform Task Base Management System (UTBMS)
  • Universal Underwriters Group (LEDES)
  • USF&G (LAS)
  • Victoria Insurance (LAS)
  • Vik Brothers (Legalgard)
  • Zurich (ELF/LEDES)

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Electronic Billing:

"Electronic Billing" is part of the Legalmaster line of products, developed by Computer Software for Professionals.