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The data that is necessary for a billing system to function may also serve many other applications. For example, data entered into Legalmaster are accessible to our own fully integrated Conflict of Interest and Calendaring modules.

Legalmaster’s Conflict of Interest module permits searches for matching names (or any other text, for that matter) through the entire Legalmaster database. For our purposes here, you may think of Legalmaster’s database as consisting of 5 parts. When you perform a search you may target your search to any combination of them. You may search for matches of many names in a single pass through Legalmaster’s database. This is one of the features that characterizes a true Conflicts system.

  • Clients - You may search through your entire list of clients for text buried anywhere in the client’s name and, optionally, the client’s address.
  • Cases(or matters) - Legalmaster permits you to store up to 1000 characters of description associated with each of your matters. You may think of this as an elaborate regarding line. It is actually 20 lines of 50 characters each. You may assign to each of the 20 lines your own caption. The caption appears on the case entry screen, bills, management reports and conflicts reports. All or any portion of this information may appear on your bills. All of it may be searched by the Conflicts system.

You may assign to any of your matters a billing address that differs from the address associated with the matter’s client. In addition, you may assign as many additional addresses to a matter as you wish; these serve as cc’s on the bill. All of these addresses may be searched by Conflicts.

There is yet another option that lets you search or not search for buried text. For example, if you search for the name Smith, you may determine whether or not you want a match to be made with Smithsonian and/or Goldsmith.

  • The Conflicts List - It is likely that some of your clients or matters have associated with them more people or institutions than are necessary to store for billing purposes. As a consequence, Legalmaster’s Conflicts Module lets you store as many additional names as you want (actually, there is a limit, it’s sixteen million). The Conflicts search engine looks at these names, as well. In this instance, you have yet another option; you may perform what we call a vowel-less search. It’s a tool that we created to address the problem of variant spellings (Peter“son” and Peter“sen”, for example) and, unlike sound-based tools, it works with foreign names.
  • Financial Transaction Descriptions - You may even ask Legalmaster to search through the descriptions associated with every time entry that you have ever entered. The system will tell you that you had lunch with so-and-so seven years ago regarding such-and-such a matter.
  • Calendar Descriptions - If you are using Legalmaster’s Calendaring Module, you may search through the descriptions of your Calendar entries, as well.

Case management

Every matter (case) stores up to 1000 characters of matter description. Divided into 20 lines of 50 characters each, with each line provided its own matter-specific user-definable caption, these lines may be used for sorting or filtering on reports. As a result, many of our clients consider Legalmaster to include rudimentary case management capabilities.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Conflict of Interest:

"Conflict of Interest" is part of the Legalmaster line of products, developed by Computer Software for Professionals.