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The data that are necessary for a billing system to function may also serve many other applications. For example, data entered into Legalmaster are accessible to our own fully integrated Conflict of Interest and Calendaring modules.

Legalmaster’s Calendaring system is a sophisticated appointment book. Although it can stand alone, it is fully integrated with Legalmaster’s billing modules so that clients, matters and attorneys do not have to be entered more than once.

This simple sample report shows our upcoming tasks and appointments. In this instance we selected to sort by date. Notice that a double line separates months, a single line, days. Notice also that we handle the year 2000.

Reports may include many other fields. You may sort by client, type of event, location, attorney, etc., etc.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Calendaring:

"Calendaring" is part of the Legalmaster line of products, developed by Computer Software for Professionals.