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A developer of business management software.

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Legalmaster is a powerful PC-based law office management software package currently in use by over 20,000 attorneys in firms of from one to 300 attorneys.

  • Time accounting and billing
  • Open item accounts receivable
  • retainer and trust accounting
  • fee splitting
  • task billing
  • management reporting
  • revenue distribution by timekeeper, billing or originating attorney
  • conflict of interest
  • calendaring
  • connections to over 50 other law office application software products

Although Legalmaster has been praised by such independent reviewers as Price Waterhouse (“most sophisticated“) and the American Bar Association (“unmatched support”), we feel that the best source of judgement is the comments of our actual users. We have been manufacturing software for law offices since the mid 1970’s. According to The National Law Journal, we are the oldest company in this business in the US.

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  • Legalmaster

    A multi-module management system designed by Computer Software for Professionals for accounting/legal/professional companies.

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