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Accompanied with your involvement in the distribution industry, is a crucial need to accurately and efficiently manage your inventory; Distribution Intelligence provides you with just that. This software allows you to easily set multiple prices for each part number; allowing you to automate customer-specific pricing. The inventory application can also track assemblies and reorder points. Additionally, for later reference all histories, both buying and selling are tracked. To add yet another degree of efficiency, Distribution Intelligence features the ability to add barcodes to inventory items, eliminating errors due to incorrectly entered part numbers.

If your company deals with assemblies, Distribution Intelligence allows you to select individual items and quantities from your inventory to create assemblies (multi-level assemblies up to five levels deep are supported). If you have miscounted your inventory items, incurred theft or breakage, or for any other reason saw a reduction in inventory; Distribution Intelligence allows you to update your inventory quantities to reflect that change. The following information for each product is stored in the inventory management application:

  • Item ID - used to identify items
  • Item Description - unlimited characters used to describe item
  • Item type - one of four types: Sales Item, Service Item, Miscellaneous Item, or Assembly Item
  • Category
  • Pricing - bulk price for each item or individual customer specific prices
  • Assembly Setup - allows you to select individual items and quantities from your inventory to create assemblies

As is the case with many other applications, the inventory application has the ability to generate many reports. The following reports are created from the inventory application:

  • Assembly Report
  • Stock Status
  • Item List-detail
  • Purchase Advice
  • Item List-summary
  • Transaction History
  • Physical Inventory List
  • Assemblies in Inventory
  • Price List

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