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Distribution Intelligence

An accounting software system designed by Computer Pundits for commercial & service and distribution/wholesale trade companies.
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Distribution Intelligence is an accounting system that has the functionality to manage inventory, purchasing, and sales tracking. This software package is specifically designed for companies involved in Distribution and Wholesale trade. Distribution Intelligence offers smooth integration with Catalog Builder, allowing you to design, manage, and update catalogs easily. Since Distribution Intelligence is such an all encompassing software package, you can control user access; meaning, you set which staff members have access to which information (e.g., you can set the system so that sales staff cannot see payroll information).

The non-proprietary positioning of Distribution Intelligence, gives you the capability to share all information within Distribution Intelligence with other programs your company is using. The windows based interface that Distribution Intelligence runs on, ensures that your staff will become very fluent with Distribution Intelligence, in a very short period of time. Many of the applications have the ability to generate reports; however some reports do not fit specifically into the applications below. Reports not listed as a part of applications are as follows:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Balance Sheet w/Budget
  • Balance Sheet w/Previous Year
  • Income Statement w/Budget
  • Income Statement
  • Income Statement w/Previous Year
  • Profit & Loss Comparison
  • Project List
  • Company Information
  • Credit Cards
  • Employee List-detail
  • Employee List-summary
  • Payment Terms
  • Shipping Methods

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable application provides several unique functions for your distribution company. The software’s ability to perform batch posting and create credit memos will save your staff hours on data re-entry. The interactivity of the Accounts Payable application saves hours of time. Automation of posting to accounts payable occurs when relevant actions are taken in other applications (e.g., the creation of a purchase order). Additionally, the software can generate the following accounts payable reports:

  • 1099 Report
  • Vendor list-detail
  • Aged payables-detail
  • Vendor list-summary
  • Aged payables-summary
  • Vendor payments
  • Check Register
  • Cash disbursements journal
  • PO Register

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable application provides several unique functions for your distribution company. The software’s ability to perform batch posting and create credit memos will save your staff hours on data re-entry. To save more time, the Accounts Receivable application automates the process of adjusting amounts. If any relevant changes are made to other applications, adjustments are made to Accounts Receivable (e.g., the creation of a sales invoice). Additionally, the accounts receivable application can generate the following reports:

  • Aged receivables-detail
  • Customer List-detail
  • Aged receivables-summary
  • Customer List-summary
  • Customer Sales
  • Invoice margin by Customer
  • Invoice Register
  • Ship To List
  • Quote Register
  • Tax Authorities
  • Sales Tax Report
  • Backorders
  • Salesperson Commission
  • Cash Receipts journal
  • Order Register
  • Tax Groups-detail & summary

General Ledger

Distribution Intelligence also features an automated General Leger. This application is integrated with the other applications in Distribution Intelligence; meaning when additions or subtractions are made to any other applicable application, the corresponding entries are automatically made to the General Ledger. Implementing this application will greatly increase your efficiency, by reducing countless hours spent entering data. The General Ledger can easily generate the following reports:

  • General journal by Date/Acct
  • Bank Transactions
  • General journal by Date/Reference
  • Bank Register
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Daily Cash Forecast
  • Weekly Cash Forecast
  • Yearly Cash Forecast
  • Monthly Cash Forecast
  • Trial Balance-summary
  • Trial Balance-detail

Inventory Management

Accompanied with your involvement in the distribution industry, is a crucial need to accurately and efficiently manage your inventory; Distribution Intelligence provides you with just that. This software allows you to easily set multiple prices for each part number; allowing you to automate customer-specific pricing. The inventory application can also track assemblies and reorder points. Additionally, for later reference all histories, both buying and selling are tracked. To add yet another degree of efficiency, Distribution Intelligence features the ability to add barcodes to inventory items, eliminating errors due to incorrectly entered part numbers.

If your company deals with assemblies, Distribution Intelligence allows you to select individual items and quantities from your inventory to create assemblies (multi-level assemblies up to five levels deep are supported). If you have miscounted your inventory items, incurred theft or breakage, or for any other reason saw a reduction in inventory; Distribution Intelligence allows you to update your inventory quantities to reflect that change. The following information for each product is stored in the inventory management application:

  • Item ID - used to identify items
  • Item Description - unlimited characters used to describe item
  • Item type - one of four types: Sales Item, Service Item, Miscellaneous Item, or Assembly Item
  • Category
  • Pricing - bulk price for each item or individual customer specific prices
  • Assembly Setup - allows you to select individual items and quantities from your inventory to create assemblies

As is the case with many other applications, the inventory application has the ability to generate many reports. The following reports are created from the inventory application:

  • Assembly Report
  • Stock Status
  • Item List-detail
  • Purchase Advice
  • Item List-summary
  • Transaction History
  • Physical Inventory List
  • Assemblies in Inventory
  • Price List


Distribution Intelligence also provides a complete payroll solution for your company. The payroll application will automate the tracking of commission amongst your sales staff. Vital information concerning your employees is tracked within the system. This application allows you to process payroll based on salary, commission, and hourly wages (or any combination of the preceding). All W-2 information, such as Social Security number, withholding allowances, Federal Income Taxes (FIT), FICA, and year-to-date balances is stored within the application. The Payroll application easily and automatically process deductions from an employee’s pay. To finish out the payroll processing, Distribution Intelligence allows you to print checks (with the option of a manual override) or post direct deposits. Additionally, any applicable adjustments to your general ledger are automatically processed and posted. The following Payroll reports are included in Distribution Intelligence:

  • GL Posting By Check Number
  • Payroll Register By Date
  • Payroll Register By Check


Distribution Intelligence offers your company an array of benefits in purchasing. Purchase Orders can be easily created with minimal user data entry required. Requesting a product simply requires your staff to select a vendor from your vendor list, then select an item from the vendor’s item list; Distribution Intelligence then fills in all necessary information and creates a Purchase Order. Additionally, the software can create vouchers, which are used to enter bills that don’t involve the receipt of inventory items (e.g., utility bills). The software also automates the process of receiving orders, by recognizing the item and attaching it to the applicable Purchase Order. If you need to return merchandise to a vendor, RMAs can be created. As is the case with the other Distribution Intelligence applications, all applicable changes are processed and posted to your general ledger; additionally, postings are made to Accounts Payable where necessary.


Distribution Intelligence gives you several advantages in the area of sales. First, the software allows you to easily create and convert sales quotes into orders, and apply those as sales. Distribution Intelligence then creates an invoice for the client and for your records. If necessary, Distribution intelligence will handle all of your back order fulfillment. If you need to process returns, Distribution Intelligence can also automatically generate RMAs. The presence of a pricing multiplier option allows you to assign markup on a customer by customer basis. Batch posting allows you to enter invoices rapidly and post the transactions at a final date; especially useful with invoices that have uncertain transaction dates. With the interactivity between the Distribution Intelligence applications, you will save hours of time otherwise spent on data re-entry. Any sales made are applied to your Accounts Receivable balance automatically.

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