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The Time and Material Management application has the ability to do a real-time automatic analysis of open orders. The 100% accurate system only requires you to enter the expected press date; at which point all other processes are automated. The Time and Material Management application calculates expected utilization for the next five days for the press, die, stock, laminate, rewind and packaging materials; it does this by selecting from the open orders in your system. The information is displayed in summary or in detail at your discretion.

The Standard Press and Finishing Setups performs several functions to solve your job costing problems. You can predefine an unlimited number of press and finishing setups per machine or per class of machine. Your staff only has to know what setup options to use and the system automatically generates an estimate. Your production manager can then group jobs together by setup options; hence saving time in press setup and clean-up. Additionally, if your managers need to run a rush job on a faster press, the system can determine any extra costs that will be associated with running a rush job; allowing your managers to notify your clients of price changes in advance. Furthermore, advanced estimators can try setting up different presses with the same setup options to determine fastest printing or least cost options. Finally, the system can provide comparisons of estimated vs. actual material usage, press time, costs, and gross profit from all jobs or individual jobs.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Time & Materials Management/Standard Press & Finishing Setups:

"Time & Materials Management/Standard Press & Finishing Setups" is part of the Print Management Solution line of products, developed by Computer Productivity Services.