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These two applications combine to form a powerful and incredibly efficient estimation generation application.

To automatically generate pricing estimates a member of your sales staff enters the coverage percentage per ink, the unit measure for artwork, and the unit price for artwork; at which point the system will automatically include all of the remaining pre-defined costs. At which point a estimate is produced; if the margin percentage falls below a minimum or the price is above a maximum the system stops the quote from being printed until approved by a set approval password.

If your company has special pricing, as many do, for long term customers with whom you hold a valuable relationship, you can manually generate estimates. This allows you to avoid restrictions on estimate calculations and minimum margin percentage requirements. Additionally, the Manual Pricing application allows you to use old estimates to generate new estimates for repeat or similar jobs.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Automatic/Manual Pricing:

"Automatic/Manual Pricing" is part of the Print Management Solution line of products, developed by Computer Productivity Services.