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Computer Helper Publishing

A developer of business management software designed for the non-profit sector.

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Since 1987, more than 11,000 churches of all denominations and of all sizes have found the products, service, and staff of Computer Helper Publishing to be the best!

From our approachable Technical Support Team to our highly capable Programmers and Trainers, the Computer Helper family works daily to ensure efficiency in your workday.

What We Do

Through people and products, Computer Helper Publishing offers software solutions to churches and to non-profit organizations. Our dedication is to our sole products, Church Windows and Church Windows Web. Year after year, Church Windows and Chuch Windows Web provide ever-increasing features and functionality with incredible value.

The entire Computer Helper Team is dedicated to assisting church administrators and volunteers with their daily tasks.

Product Lines

  • Church Windows

    A software system designed by Computer Helper Publishing for non-profit organizations.

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