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Computer Guidance Document Imaging/Workflow is a browser-based document image management solution. Documents can be quickly scanned into the system and stored. Single or multiple image files can be assigned to an accounting discipline (AR, AP, G/L, etc.), project or job jacket for fast and easy retrieval. Document files can be retrieved for viewing via any browser.

Our Document Imaging is integrated into Construction Management System: eCMS to easily scan documents and associate them to an eCMS record, or can be employed as a stand-alone application for any business. This is the most powerful and reliable document imaging solution for any business. This electronic storage and retrieval system gives you the power of company-wide access to your important documents.

Benefits of Computer Guidance Document Imaging Application

  • Reduced Storage Space - No More Paper Files
  • Reduced Printing Cost – View Reports on Screen
  • Files Associated with Project, Departments, Vendors, Employees, Equipment, etc.
  • Remote Access (and Approval) of Invoices
  • Electronic Transfer of Files – No Couriers or Faxes Needed
  • Improved Communications with Staff, Vendors and Owners
  • Supports Multiple File Types, such as PDF, JPG, GIF, DOC.
  • Supervisors Can Access Reports from the Job Site
  • Easy Storage of Backups in the Event of Disaster
  • Documentation Always Available for Government Inspection, Litigation, Audits, etc.
  • Employee and Payroll File Consolidation
  • Supporting Documents Always Available

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Document Imaging:

"Document Imaging" is part of the Computer Guidance eCMS line of products, developed by Computer Guidance.