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BlueCherry PLM allows you to successfully integrate product development, manufacturing, and the distribution processes so designers, merchants, buyers, production associates and most importantly, you will be on the same page throughout the product development process.

With PLM, you’ll be able to:

  • Enhance product innovation-Spend less time filling out paperwork and searching for information and more time being creative. PLM puts information at your fingertips and reduces the administrative overhead of managing spreadsheets, e-mails and faxes.
  • Easily manage design changes-Multiple design changes can be almost impossible to keep track of on a manual system. PLM lets you manage these changes easily and communicate them to all team members.
  • Breakdown information barriers-Different departments often use different spreadsheets, and different programs to enter various types of data. With PLM all information is standardized and input once so everyone in the chain can access it and create whatever reports are needed, giving you better visibility of the entire process.
  • Save time and money-By eliminating redundant data entry, communication gaps and human error, some customers have improved productivity by up to 40%.
  • As with all BlueCherry software, PLM can be used as a standalone solution or it fully integrate into the BlueCherry Enterprise Solution.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM):

"Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)" is part of the BlueCherry Enterprise line of products, developed by Computer Generated Solutions.