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BlueCherry EIS3 enables you to make decisions quickly and confidently, by aggregating disparate data silos to give you a single corporate version of the truth. With EIS3 you’ll know:

  • Who your best customers are
  • If you have sufficient inventory to cover demand
  • Which products and services are popular and why
  • Whether you’re missing opportunities
  • And much more!

BlueCherry EIS3 delivers information in two ways:

  • Industry-standard Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - Over 35 KPIs including: Gross Profit, Inventory Balance/Unsold, Available to Sell, Accounts Receivable/Aging, Chargebacks.
  • User-generated on-demand reports - create customized reports in minutes from your desktop leveraging all your corporate data with drag-and-drop ease and with no need for programming or IT support. Plus you can set up events and trigger points to alert necessary parties if any KPI crosses a predetermined threshold.
  • As with all BlueCherry software, EIS3 can be used as a standalone solution that operates with your current ERP or it as a fully-integrated BlueCherry Enterprise solution.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Business Intelligence (EIS3):

"Business Intelligence (EIS3)" is part of the BlueCherry Enterprise line of products, developed by Computer Generated Solutions.