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Whether used as a standalone solution, or fully integrated into the BlueCherry Enterprise ERP system, BlueCherry AWS helps streamline warehouse operations while giving you full visibility into all activities-from your desk-in real time. You’ll have the exact status of your entire inventory at all times, right down to the bin level.

Some of the key benefits of AWS include:

  • Increased Productivity - we employ easy-to-use, wireless scanners with directed screens that help warehouse employees better navigate the warehouse
  • Improved Inventory Accuracy - track your units more accurately at every stage
  • Reduce Labor Costs - streamline tasks, eliminate manual operations and optimize picking operations
  • Reduce Cycle Time - all data flows and operations in the warehouse are handled faster allowing for better customer service, including same day shipping

Like all BlueCherry software, AWS is designed to work on a manage-by-exception basis. So when issues arise warehouse managers can address and correct them immediately instead of poring over numerous reports to determine if and where a problem exists.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Advanced Warehouse Solution (AWS):

"Advanced Warehouse Solution (AWS)" is part of the BlueCherry Enterprise line of products, developed by Computer Generated Solutions.