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BlueCherry Enterprise

An ERP system designed by Computer Generated Solutions.
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BlueCherry is the ERP solution chosen by more companies than any other solution in the soft goods industry. Scalable to organizations of any size, BlueCherry helps keep all of your operations synchronized from concept to sale, giving you complete visibility at every step. BlueCherry is built upon proven Microsoft technologies, so it will be familiar to your users and easy to use so they can be instantly productive.

With the power of BlueCherry behind you, you’ll get:

  • Full ERP integration-When all of the processes in your supply chain are aligned, you can maximize efficiency, increase output, eliminate redundancy and reduce overall costs. You’ll also be able to collaborate more effectively across all departments as well as with suppliers and vendors.
  • Advanced EDI Management and Reporting-Our EDI mapping helps you streamline inbound and outbound processes. Plus, automation gives you greater control-and greater control means enhanced productivity, higher quality and happier customers.
  • Superior Management Control and Reporting-Centralized insight from beginning to end means you maintain control at all times. In addition, operations-wide visibility allows you to identify opportunities and find new ways to innovate.
  • Event Exception Trigger Notifications-Give yourself a better chance to stay ahead by identifying issues before they grow in to bigger problems. Whenever an occurrence takes place that is outside specified parameters, you’ll be automatically notified.
  • Chargeback Management-Save even more money by avoiding unnecessary issues due to errors or defects with our chargeback and dispute management system.

Blue Cherry is scalable to companies of all sizes. It can be implemented on-site or on-demand (SaaS), giving you the flexibility to leverage what you need today and be expanded as your needs change.

BlueCherry offers a comprehensive suite of applications adaptable across the entire supply chain. All of them can be fully integrated with BlueCherry or used as standalone solutions depending on your business needs.

Functionality Modules

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) BlueCherry PLM allows you to successfully integrate product development, manufacturing, and the distribution processes so designers, merchants, buyers, production associates…

Merchandise Planning

Business Intelligence (EIS3) BlueCherry EIS3 enables you to make decisions quickly and confidently, by aggregating disparate data silos to give you a single corporate version of the truth. With EIS3…

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) BlueCherry offers a variety of solutions to help your company leverage the power of EDI to help reduce errors, eliminate paper and minimize lead times while improving…

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