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  • Unlimited number of ship to addresses.
  • Each ship to address can have its own tax group, price list and sales person.
  • Customer billing info or a complete new customer can be automatically updated on the order entry screen.
  • Can copy any existing order and then can make changes as needed
  • Keeps a log of all cancelled items due to zero inventory.

View Transactions

  • Can view all orders, invoices, credit notes, payments, notes etc… for a particular customer
  • All unshipped orders.
  • When entering an item on an order, can view customer history for this item, quantity, price, etc.
  • When entering an item on a order can view all purchase orders with expected receipt dates, sales orders etc…so that you can estimate backordered items and will be able it have available at given date.

View Log

  • Can view log of the order.
  • Can see any changes that were made on that order, the user, function, date and time. As well as any changes to the lines and dollar amount on the order
  • The log also tells you the status and status history of this order.

Credit Cards

  • Can accept all credit cards with any provider.
  • Unlimited number of credit cards can be attached to a customer with name, address, and security code and expiration date.
  • All invalid cards will show up as such.
  • Default credit cards can be marked.
  • Automatic recognition of card
  • At saving of order, option to authorize credit card and put a hold on the money.
  • At the posting of the invoice the charge can be processed

Consolidated Invoices

  • This function allows the creation of a shipment from the order and then consolidates all shipments into one invoice.

Future Orders

  • Use this function to enter order to be shipped at a future date, does not affect inventory, no packing slip is issued and gets activated on the required date

Credit Alerts

  • When entering an order for a customer and customer has overdue unpaid invoices, a credit alert will pop up, allowing you to view all their transactions, payment history, and collection notes. This gives you an option to put the order on hold, proceed, cancel or add to notes or process an immediate credit card payment.
  • When entering an order for a customer, if an alert has been attached to this customer or item, the alert note will pop up. At the same time an alert note can be attached to item or customer when entering an order.

Standing Order

  • Use this function to set up a standing order with all the items and quantities usually ordered by this customer. It is a template of their usual order. This template can be used to create an active order for this customer.

Master Orders

  • Allows for a complete order for a specific period of time, to be shipped as required. Each time orders are sent out they are deducted from master order. At any time you can see where you are standing and then can force customer to honor their original master order.

Order Status

  • This system has an order status processing that follows the order from department to department, until it is delivered. Example: picking, packing, shipping, etc…. allowing you at any point to view this order status history, so you can trace each step of this order being processed.
  • If a packing slip is being printed more than once, for example changes have been made; it will automatically have a log printed on the packing slip when it was printed previously and by whom, alerting you to replace the previous one with this packing slip.
  • A user can view all their own unshipped orders that they have entered with full drill down, so that they can follow up on their own orders.
  • When a purchase order is made or received, you can view all the outstanding sales orders for the items on that p.o.
  • On the receipt of goods we can view and choose a list of purchase orders receipts and view all the backorders that have items on these receipts, allowing you to print packing slips for them. The picking slip will have highlighted these items on that purchase order receipts.

Shipping System

  • Update the invoice with the tracking numbers for these shipments
  • Ability to click on the view screen into tracking numbers to get proof of shipment

Credit Notes

  • Complete RMA (return merchandise authorization) and credit note process available.
  • A warning alert will pop up if more than one credit note is processed for the same invoice.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Order Entry:

"Order Entry" is part of the CTECH line of products, developed by Computek Solutions.