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  • Items in inventory can be grouped by categories & report groups.
  • Items can be made not active, which will not allow it to be invoiced or purchased.
  • Multiple units of measures: - can be sold by piece, case, dozen etc….

Bill of Material

  • Multiple Bills of Material can be set up for each item.
  • When entering an order or when you inquire on inventory, there is a feature that shows the quantity of components available to be assembled using the Bill of Material. Pricing
  • Quantity breaks can be either by discount percentage, or fixed price, or discount amount.
  • Sale price can be applied if purchased within a specified date range.
  • Unlimited number of price lists, which can also be attached to individual customers so that when the customer is invoiced it is his specific price that is utilized.
  • Each price list can have its own unit of measure, its own quantity breaks and its own sale price and its own description.
  • Special pricing for individual customer: you can specify a particular item at a particular price for a particular customer regardless of the price list that he is on.
  • We can also give a special discount for a particular customer
  • When a price gets entered or modified on the order entry level a check box can be marked to add it to the customer’s special price.
  • On inquiry of an item, can view open P.O.s on this item, with drill down to the original P.O.
  • Can view all outstanding orders for a particular item
  • Can view a log with every transaction by date, inventory received, invoiced or adjusted with the user name date, time and balance of inventory at that time. This will allow you to analyze your inventory quantities if there is a discrepancy in the count. This log has a drill down feature to the invoices and receipts.
  • Can view all sales history per item - year by year - month by month. With graph either by quantity or dollar amount.

Merge Items

  • This function allows you to merge duplicate items into one item and will automatically update in all modules. This is useful when two different item codes were used for the same item by error, or if you want to change the item code for this item.

Inventory Locations

  • Inventory can be kept in many different locations. Each location can have its own picking bin.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory:

"Inventory" is part of the CTECH line of products, developed by Computek Solutions.