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  • When entering a customer we have options to specify all credit cards used by this customer.
  • Option to keep backorder for customer
  • Option of which documents to print for customer. If you sell under more than one company name, your documents will reflect the proper name.
  • Click on address will connect to google map. You can see actual business - street view.
  • Option to email, fax or print invoices and statements.
  • Option to enter automatic discounts.


  • Credit card can be charged at the time of collections.
  • Detailed history and log with a drill down to the invoice which will give you access to the tracking number. You can then print, fax or email a statement to the customer with or without invoices attached
  • Able to add unlimited notes with user names and dates.
  • Can keep track of calls made by user & date & time.
  • Can choose overdue accounts by amount and or overdue date.
  • Can close the function and reopen the next day at the same setting and place holder for user.
  • Can issue automatic statements for all customers based on certain criteria… amount… number of days owing… terms etc..
  • Can create bank deposit
  • Can enter post dated checks - when you create a deposit for that date will automatically add it to the deposit list.

Sales – Order entry

  • A sophisticated call list is available. Example: Can request a list for all dormant customers by date. A list will be formed and assigned to a user.
  • The user who calls customers can drill down on transactions to be able to have all their info.
  • Can keep track of notes
  • Can put a call back date
  • If a customer requests samples, can enter on a call list to call at a later date to see if he wants to place an order.

Misc Cash Receipts

  • Can enter cash receipts with no customer example government refunds, loans etc…. Purchase Order
  • Can view all purchase orders for a particular vendor and all the receipts
  • Can keep track of the vendor’s item number so we can print our item number and the vendor’s item number on the purchase order.
  • Can issue returns on the receipt, before you even receive the invoice.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Receivable:

"Accounts Receivable" is part of the CTECH line of products, developed by Computek Solutions.