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Computac Incorporated

A developer of business management software.

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Computac History

Computac has been learning how to provide superior products and unrivaled customer satisfaction for a very long time. Our pedigree begins in 1894 with Charles A. Cross in association with Charles Abbott as they founded the Cross-Abbott Company in White River Junction, Vermont. Over the years this grocery wholesaler grew from supplying basic necessities to a rural and agrarian society to one of the most sophisticated wholesale and retail food distributions businesses in New England. In 1962, A. Wallace Cunningham, Sr., the then President of Cross-Abbott, knew that the new technology that they affectionately referred to as “tabulating” could provide efficiencies in the delivery of products to consumers in ways that could only be imagined. So, out of A.W.’s vision and the subsequent purchase of the first main-frame computer north of Boston was born Computac, Inc.

After incorporating in 1965, Computac provided time-sharing and data processing services to a number of local wholesale and retail businesses. We gained invaluable experience as we developed computer applications for a variety of companies and individuals. As we matured we focused our efforts, expertise and skill sets toward software development in the areas of inventory control, distribution and logistics. We concentrated on specific vertical industries, intent on providing the finest most comprehensive information technology tools, both software and hardware, to a sophisticated and knowledgeable group of customers.

Computac, Inc. is entering its forty fifth year of incorporation. We employ systems engineers, programmer analysts, programmers, data base administrators, network administration professionals, sales and support personnel, hardware service technicians, operations and accounting professionals, a solid group with over one thousand years of combined experience in the information technology profession. Our staff maintains current certifications with numerous partners, such as IBM and Microsoft.

Computac, Inc. is a dynamic, vital organization which through good times and bad has determined that the relationship with our customer is the key to longevity and ultimate success. We have been responsible for innovations and efficiencies that have made our customers prosper. Many of them have been with us for twenty plus years and we will work every day to make it as easy as possible for new customers to stay on board at least that long.

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