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VanS Memo Systems are designed to make on-line information about orders, customers, and drivers accessible to anyone. They eliminate the need to track down a file folder containing handwritten notes. Think of them as “computerized file folders”.

Order Memos

  • Record on-going communications with the shipper, other agents, and anyone else involved with the move.
  • Assign status codes to orders such as: open, dispatched, closed, or claim pending.
  • Enter information such as contractual obligations, date confirmations, service and equipment requirements, and phone numbers.
  • Use different memo types to classify order memos for each department. Departments can view or print their own memos.

Customer Memos

  • Record on-going communications with the customers.
  • Note other information such as: contract details, billing requirements, and collection efforts.
  • Classify customer memos with a user-defined memo type.

Driver Memos

  • Record on-going communications with the drivers.
  • Note other information such as: trip status, sponsored benefits, and outstanding loans.


  • Memos are stamped with the entry date, time, and user identification. The next day, the memo can no longer be changed to protect information from being altered.
  • Memos are automatically created when selected fields are changed.
  • Customize memo screen headings to parallel the agency’s way of doing business.
  • Format general memo information to print on forms such as dispatch tickets and invoices.
  • Print and purge detailed information based upon memo types, status codes, and/or a cut-off date.


  • The Memo Systems are fully integrated with Order Entry, Accounts Receivable, and Driver Systems.
  • Memos are automatically created from the MoveTrak System.

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"Memo System" is part of the VanS line of products, developed by Compusource.

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