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The VanS Job Cost system provides file maintenance, report printing and update processing for detailed revenue and cost transactions on orders. These transactions are tracked for both Moving & Storage and Van Line orders.


  • View revenue and cost transactions on individual orders. Display Gross Profit for each order. Change or add detail to each order.
  • Specify a date range of detail to display. Also, display the information in summary or detail form.
  • Set up Labor, Material, and Overhead percentages, and automatically generate detailed transactions using these percentages.


Delete detailed Job Cost information for orders with all activity on or before a cutoff date entered by the user.


  • List all revenue and cost transactions for an order with the Job Cost report. Transactions include revenue, material costs, revenue overhead costs, labor costs, labor overhead costs, driver costs, 3rd party vendor costs, sales commission costs, and miscellaneous user-entered costs.
  • Print productivity information for each employee and the company as a whole with the Employee Productivity report.
  • Display an “action list” or print orders that require processing and immediate action.
  • Complete tasks by entering the date and contact.
  • Create memos automatically for completed tasks.
  • Use the Memo System to log important conversations for future reference.

Missed Action Report

  • Show which tasks were not completed by the scheduled date.
  • Use as a management tool to monitor and follow up on incomplete tasks.
  • Designed to help managers improve efficiency.

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"Job Cost" is part of the VanS line of products, developed by Compusource.

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