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The MCMS Work Order system provides the ability to schedule production in advance, notify sales and inventory personnel, and cost finished goods production including material, labor and overhead (burden) costs.

Inventory Status

  • Integrate with the MCMS Inventory module to provide updated information as work orders are scheduled and produced.
  • Display inventory status that reflects what will be produced and when, so sales orders (or other work orders) can be allocated to the material scheduled for production.
  • Show material chosen to be processed (source material) as no longer being available for other orders.
  • Automatically reduce the appropriate quantity of the source material, and create the proper amount of finished material as soon as production is completed.


  • Estimate the material required and expected costs when work orders are scheduled for a specific operation/machine, and based on default run speeds, burden costs, etc.
  • Schedule material to be produced for stock, or for specific sales orders.
  • Allocate material to the work order and the produced material will remain allocated to the sales order throughout the shipping and billing process— assuring properly costed invoices.
  • Print scheduled work order documents to userdefined specifications, including any special instructions, material allocations, etc.


  • Provide properly costed finished goods after production with actual labor and material usage information.
  • Report on variances against the estimated material, labor and burden.


  • Print extensive reports with information on Production History, including reports by Work Order, by Item, by Crew, and by Machine/Operation.
  • Create user-definable reports with MCMS’ report writer products (Application Manager, U/SQL) in addition to the standard reports that are available.


  • Interface with General Ledger to provide work-inprocess accounting.
  • Integrated with MC BarCode package to provide for laser scanning of allocated material tags, and printing of labels upon completion of production.

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"Work Order" is part of the MCMS line of products, developed by Compusource.

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