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The MCMS Order Entry system provides quick and accurate processing of sales orders and invoices. The system streamlines the entire process of generating an order, shipping the material, and invoicing your customer.


  • Update other interfaced modules like Inventory, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Sales Analysis.
  • Print MTR’s automatically for flagged orders with Compusource’s MC File, or provide your own House Certification form.
  • Provide multiple branch and warehouse accounting, controls, and reports.

Customer Service

  • Update the Open Orders file, print a picking/processing order and packing list, and then print an invoice when the order is shipped with just a single entry.
  • Provide all the information necessary for the sales staff to get the order the first time a customer calls.
  • Show quotes, orders and invoices, as well as stock levels, when an item is entered on an order.
  • Display the customer’s price matrix automatically.
  • Access inventory availability, customer credit and sales, and purchasing histories within one inquiry program.
  • Flag orders needing authorization for customers over their credit limit, past due, or under gross profit level. Send the information to users or groups by electronic-mail (E-mail).

Quote Entry

  • Check stock and credit, enter a quote, turn it into an order and create the purchase order for any buyouts with one simple procedure.
  • Create an accurate quotation by rolling up additional prices and costs for processing, freight, and material handling charges on item quotes.
  • Fax quotes direct from any workstation with Compusource’s MC Fax module.

Flexible Entries

  • Calculate theoretical pieces, length, and weight automatically when entering items, dimensions, and quantities.
  • Create special comments and shop instructions, as well as allocated material, heat numbers, and location on shop orders.
  • Override default units of measure and automatically recalculate prices and costs based on the new unit of measure.
  • Interfaces with the MC Fab module, which assists salespeople in quoting/selling virtually any shape that can be defined by an equation (e.g. circles, rings, ring segments, trepanned bar, etc.). Includes user definable processing matrix to automatically calculate costs and sell prices for processing charges (e.g. sawing, burning, freight, etc.).
  • Create cut lists for processing orders that calculate material required (including Kerf-loss) for the quantity and dimensions ordered.

Reports and Inquiries

  • Open order reports by promise date, item, customer, etc.
  • Daily, month-to-date and year-to-date bookings, reports, and flexible Invoice Journals.

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"Order Entry" is part of the MCMS line of products, developed by Compusource.

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