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The MCMS Inventory Control system provides you with a means to simultaneously simplify your inventory bookkeeping requirements, improve service to your customers, create valuable management reports, and give salespeople all of the information they need to increase business.

Industry Compatibility

  • Use industry standard nomenclature and material dimensions to identify items, and accommodate various alloys, shapes, and sizes.
  • Purchase, stock, and sell items by different units of measure including: pieces, pounds, hundredweight, square feet, feet, inches, lot, metric, etc.
  • Schedule transfers and display demand for material in the ‘shipping’ warehouse, and future availability of material in the “receiving” warehouse through the Stock Transfer module. Generates all shipping and receiving documents if desired. Additional costs (e.g. freight) can be incorporated in cost of received material.
  • Cost material for General Ledger purposes using average, standard, last cost, costing by warehouse or actual cost.
  • Identify specific lots of material using an inventory tagging system. Tag information includes grade, mill, vendor, weight, heat number, country of origin, warehouse number, bin location, etc.
  • Store chemical and mechanical property information by heat number and produce a ‘house’ certification.
  • Track parent/child tags to see where and when a tag was used.


  • Access the Inventory Inquiry program from Inventory Control, Quotation, Order Entry, Purchasing, Production, and the Prospect Management systems.
  • Make inquiries by item, and show activity for all dimensions, including remnants. Track multiple legs and keep a sketch for plate remnants.
  • Check stock-on-hand, in-process, on-order, and allocated, as well as access a cardex-type file showing individual lots (tags), and open purchase orders, sales orders, and work order usage and production for an item.
  • Enter a grade/spec, and view all lots that meet that spec based on its chemical properties.
  • Review past sales and purchase histories quickly.


  • Interface with other MCMS modules including General Ledger, Purchasing, Order Entry, MC File, MC BarCode, etc.
  • Keep cardex and accounting ledgers automatically current with multi-warehouse capabilities.
  • Reduce disruption of day-to-day business with the Physical Inventory module.


  • Rank inventory by several criteria and evaluate item movement with the ABC and Inventory Turns reports.
  • These reports are useful for determining new purchasing and inventory decisions.
  • Show the current value of all inventory with the Costed Inventory report.
  • Calculate reorder information based on usage, lead times, carrying costs, EOQ, etc. with the Inventory Usage report.

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"Inventory Control" is part of the MCMS line of products, developed by Compusource.

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