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The MCMS Fixed Assets system helps keep track of company assets by updating the status and accurately calculating depreciation. This package not only streamlines asset record keeping, but also prepares detailed reports that enable you to track each asset’s value.


  • Simplify online entries of new acquisitions as well as the sale, transfer, and disposal of existing assets.
  • Process and report on multiple company and multiple branch operations.


  • Calculate depreciation for capital items by numerous methods including: Straight Line, Declining Balance, Double Declining Balance, Sum-of-the-Year’s Digits and multiple ACRS and MACRS.
  • Allow user-definable depreciation schedules with the Custom Depreciation method.
  • Depreciate each asset 4 different ways. (Book, Federal, State, and Other)

Monthly Cycle

  • Calculate monthly depreciation amounts.
  • Automatically recalculate depreciation on each asset’s anniversary.
  • Print a monthly activity report, including a General Ledger Transaction Report.


Updates all postings to the General Ledger automatically.


  • Monitor the current value for each asset with the Assets Report. Include the depreciation figures for any or all of the 4 depreciation types.
  • Show profits gained or losses taken on the sale of assets with the Gain/Loss on Sale of Fixed Assets Report.
  • Budget for future asset management with the Projected Depreciation Report.
  • Obtain a list of assets discarded or sold with the Disposed Asset Report.

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"Fixed Assets" is part of the MCMS line of products, developed by Compusource.

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