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The Payroll system streamlines the entire payroll process by providing features that allow you to monitor and maintain accurate compensation methods. It allows control to stay inside the company by having all payroll information accessible and secure.


  • Define multiple divisions and departments for processing and reporting.
  • Provide multiple earnings and deduction categories for special types of pay and deductions.
  • Perform all payroll calculations, such as gross pay, withholding taxes and deductions for union and non-union employees.
  • Handle flexible benefits (cafeteria) and company sponsored pension plans (401K).

Check Processing & Reports

  • Calculate pay and standard deductions automatically.
  • Accommodate multiple pay periods including weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, four-week period, monthly, and daily.
  • Provide 14 earning categories (such as regular, overtime, double-time, vacation, etc.), and include 10 miscellaneous deductions (with deduction limits).
  • Calculate all applicable taxes automatically.
  • Reconcile checks that have cleared the bank each month, then print a Check Reconciliation Register and a Voided Checks Register automatically.
  • Provide detailed reports for every employee in each segment of the company for current, month-to-date, quarter-to-date, or year-to-date figures.
  • Print the Payroll Register to detail pay, taxes, deductions, and net check amount. Enter labor against jobs for Labor Distribution reporting.
  • Other reports include: Deductions Register, Detail Tax Register, and Check History.


  • Update labor costs automatically to the Job Cost system.
  • Integrate all postings to the General Ledger system automatically.

Tax Compliance

  • Summarize weeks worked for states requiring it.
  • Maintain records about company divisions, departments, and unions.
  • Compute taxes for different federal, state and city tax authorities.
  • Change tax parameters without programming knowledge.
  • Print quarterly reports for tax filing.
  • User-definable W2 forms.
  • Report W2’s on magnetic media.
  • Manage and control workman’s compensation premiums automatically through the Workers Compensation set-up and reporting


  • Payroll history screens and pay information cannot be accessed unless the operator uses a high security sign-on and password.
  • Set up limited security for users to enter hours.
  • Users with limited security cannot view pay rates and pay history.

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"Payroll" is part of the Contrac2 line of products, developed by Compusource.

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