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The Inventory Control system maximizes your inventory investment by maintaining inventory records more efficiently and economically. The Inventory Control system integrates with the Service Management, Job Cost, and Purchasing systems, as well as many third party Flat Rate Pricing Services.

Inventory Tracking

  • Update and track inventory automatically in each warehouse and/or truck with each transaction.
  • Maintain accurate inventory control data such as lead time, safety stock, order point and order quantity at any given point in time.
  • Align internal part numbers with those of manufacturers, supply houses and pricing services. The correct part in inventory is updated through billing and Purchasing.
  • Track serial numbers on equipment through Purchasing and ultimately Job History. This ensures that warranty information is correctly maintained.
  • Analyze stock levels on any truck or warehouse in real time.
  • Material and cost allocation from inventory appears immediately on Job Cost reports.
  • Reflect cost of materials on purchase orders and automatically update the average cost.
  • Restock the technician’s bin the same day and print complete inventory breakdowns without having to wait for the technician’s paperwork.
  • Print labels for warehouse and truck inventory bins. Label information includes part number, description, product group and vendor number.


  • Inventory Inquiry lists part information by location including quantity on-hand, on-order, allocated, last date received and issued.
  • Inventory Analysis provides average cost, actual sale, and profit margins by part number.
  • Stock Status determines parts to be ordered for a specific location. Analyze quantity on-hand against minimum/maximum stock levels required for individual parts.
  • Inventory Restocking report interfaces with the Service Billing, Purchasing, and Inventory Control to track and restock inventory used by field technicians.
  • Costed Inventory analyzes average monthly usage, month-to-date usage, year-to-date usage, quantity on-hand average cost, and extended cost information by part number.
  • Physical Count report prints physical inventory sheets containing the location number, part number/description for entry of actual on-hand quantities.

Flat Rate System

  • Easily setup and maintain a Bill of Materials file for flat rate pricing tasks or flat rate job numbers to reference parts required to complete a job.
  • Create and maintain your own flat rate jobs, or use one of the popular Flat Rate Pricing Services.
  • Enter flat rate task/job in either work order entry or Quick Turn-In, and the system will automatically enter the required parts and quantities on the work order and update inventory.

Other Applications

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"Inventory Control" is part of the Contrac2 line of products, developed by Compusource.

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