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Field Service Software - GPS Software

The field service GPS software system helps plumbing, HVAC and field service companies lower their operating costs and helps them provide a better service to their customers. When a company utilizes the field service GPS software system, technicians, management, dispatch and customer service reps receive locations, communications and customer inquiries in real time. And because of this technology, technicians can reach the customers destination more quickly and safely, management has a better understanding of their technicians’ progress, performance and efficiency and customer inquiries can be resolved in a timely manner. By knowing where every technician in the fleet is located at any given time, dispatchers have the resources to respond immediately to customer calls, send the closest available technician to a customer, or track vehicle breakdowns and emergencies.

With the field service GPS software system, management can be alerted and respond accordingly to situations as they arise. The report generation module has the ability to tell performance variances of a technician which can be used as motivation for substandard technicians or as recognition for higher performing individuals. The field service GPS software system is perfect for both residential and construction companies.

Field Service GPS Software - Residential

The benefits of the field service GPS software system on residential field service companies are significant. With this, technology dispatchers are able to dispatch the closest available technician to a job and give them accurate turn by turn directions with great ease. The field service GPS software also can detect unauthorized use of vehicles and any side job activity. The software also shows all vehicles and active job sites on the same screen so dispatchers don’t have to click from map to map.

Field Service GPS Software - Construction

The benefits of the field service GPS software system on construction service companies are significant, much like the residential benefits. As with the residential companies, the field service GPS software for construction also prevents unauthorized vehicle use. This software will also reduce vehicle and equipment loss due to theft because you know where your vehicles are at all times. It also aides in the prevention of time sheet abuse because now managers know exactly how long technicians were at a particular job.

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