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CompuDat Systems

A developer of business management software.

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CompuDat Systems, Inc. (CSI) designs and implements fully-customized software to the labor union industry and is one of the only female-owned labor union software providers in the country. The company also provides web design and data management services, both to labor unions and other industries.

CSI’s premier labor union management software, MemberTrack , is built for power and flexibility and is designed for ease of use and productivity. It is fully customizable to meet the unique requirements of your particular fund or union office.

With their many years of experience in Taft-Hartley trust fund administration, CSI personnel have the knowledge and expertise necessary to deal with the growing complexities of labor union fund and union office management. We invite you to take a look inside to see all that CSI has to offer. We are happy to show your organization how we can help.

Product Lines

  • MemberTrack

    A software system designed by CompuDat Systems for construction companies.

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