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  • Prints pallet tickets at the palletizing area
  • Ability to re-print a selected ticket on-demand
  • Online pallet inventory and sales inventory updates
    • Pallets to be shipped compared to orders on line by scanning bar coded pallet tickets at the shipping area *Pallet inventory reduced in real time at shipping when pallet tickets are scanned and accepted on the order
  • Supports shipping partials pallets and maintains history of all shipments
  • Supports and tracks multiple fruit pools and growers on the same pallet
  • Supports tracking pallet location by building, room, row, stack and level
  • Pallet history archives data including:
    • Grower’s packed boxes and lot numbers on each pallet
    • Order number and shipment tracking
    • Location of pallet in the warehouse
    • Supports multiple lines of comments
    • Records user ID and date of all data entry transactions for each pallet
  • Bar coding/scanning minimizes manual entry errors
  • Supports RFID printing
  • Detailed history tracking including user ID and date of entry, date packed, packing line, shift, grower number, lot number, order number, shipment and warehouse location.

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