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CompAcct Solutions

A developer of management software designed for small-businesses.

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CompAcct Solutions Ltd is a provider of Innovative Computer Accounting Solutions using Microsoft Excel, Access and .Net technologies. The company has developed a suite of accounting software products using these technologies.

Our software products Breeze Accountants Worksheet and Breeze Time Management are designed primarily to provide the small public accounting office with cost effective solutions. However, both products are stand-alone and would be of use in any industry with matched needs.

Both products are designed for interacting with Simply Accounting and Quickbooks small business software. Breeze Accountants Worksheet is designed with a generic import feature that imports from an Excel spreadsheet. This allows importing from any accounting system that can generate an Excel Trial Balance report in a format readable by the program. Breeze Time Management is designed to export to a Simply Accounting IMP file and to a Quickbooks IIF file.

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