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Who should consider a database server? Any firm for whom productivity is a concern and multiple online updating a requirement.

The database server software manages the database in a consistent and orderly fashion. The database server software alone has direct access to the PowerPM database and controls the multi-user access to the database so that workstation stability is not an issue.

PRICE $5000.00


  • No need for a dedicated computer—The database server runs on your Windows or Novell Fileserver, eliminating the extra expense and overhead of an additional server.
  • Dramatically improved speed and security—Putting the database server functions in the fileserver instead of on a workstation cuts out an entire communication layer between the operator and the database dramatically improving the speed. Furthermore, this critical operation is now being run on the fileserver, the fastest, most secure, and most reliable computer in your operation.
  • The database server can be unloaded without halting the normal operation of your fileserver.
  • Reliability—The server operates indefinitely without intervention or tuning from operators and preserves the integrity of the database even when the client workstation crashes.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with PowerPM Multi-user Database Server software:

"PowerPM Multi-user Database Server software" is part of the PowerPM Practice Management Software line of products, developed by Commercial Logic.