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The PowerFC add-on module for PowerPM provides a powerful tool for staff scheduling and revenue forecasting.

Anticipated hours and revenues for a project may be entered, as well as the number of hours scheduled for each staff member to work on the project. The actual hours and revenues are tracked and compared to those budgeted. PowerPlan presents budgets and schedules in an easy to use Windows drill-down format allowing the manager to view the from the perspective of the project and/or the staff. Managers can easily modify the staffing of a project.

PowerPlan reports provide managers with accurate data to schedule staff, analyze client budgets, and predict future revenues:

  • Budget/Schedule Transactions
  • Client Scheduled Staff Hours
  • Staff Scheduled Client Hours
  • Actual vs Budget Time
  • Budget Realization
  • Budget Backlog
  • Staff Resource Allocation
  • Staff Resource Allocation Summary
  • Billable Staff Hours/Month
  • Billable Client Hours/Month
  • Client Budget vs Actual Hours

PRICE: $50 per active timekeeper in sets of 5. Licenses must parallel PowerPM.


  • Modifications—Budgeted and scheduled transactions may be modified or recalculated using new rates at any time.
  • Revenue Prediction—The Budget vs Actual report combined with the ability to recalculate budgets using new rates allows great flexibility in predicting future revenues.
  • Powerful Reporting—Among the wide selection of reporting capabilities is the Budget Backlog Report—a revenue based report which shows total dollars budgeted compared with actual, providing the remaining budgeted amount—and the Budget Realization Report—giving the percent realization of dollars or hours either budget to actual or actual to budget.
  • Flexible Reporting—All reports have a wide array of options which provide either narrow or wide filtering of the data reported. Reports may be generated to reflect specific dates, work codes, or open or completed budgets.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with PowerFC Budget and Scheduling Module:

"PowerFC Budget and Scheduling Module" is part of the PowerPM Practice Management Software line of products, developed by Commercial Logic.