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The TrakTime Personal Timesheet provides on-screen entry of daily time and expense items as they occur, eliminates redundant data entry, saves administrative time, and helps the professional capture all billable hours. TrakTime operates as a stand-alone system—access to the PowerPM database is unnecessary, which allows increased database speed, greater database security.

Complete portability of the TrakTime timesheet allows time and expense entry wherever you are: at a remote site, on a laptop, or at home. The completed timesheet may be submitted by the timekeeper to PowerPM via the network, email, modem, or diskette as the situation requires.

The timesheet is available in two formats:

Transaction model for Windows Desktops: separate line item for each event

Spreadsheet model (Web based - ASP) for Windows: tabular format


  • Easy to Use/Easy to Learn—Users report a 5 minute learning curve for this simple yet powerful software.
  • Full Screen Editing—Timesheet entries may be reviewed, modified, or deleted at any time before the timesheet is submitted.
  • ID & Code Lookup—Easy selection and validation of all fields including dates, work codes, and IDs greatly reduces entry errors.
  • Onscreen Totals—Popup onscreen viewing of daily totals and percent chargeable time.
  • Automatic Time Entry (desktop)—Unlimited user-controlled meters automatically enter accrued time per project onto the timesheet.
  • Rounding Up—Optional rounding up of accrued time to user-defined increments.
  • Unlimited Meters (desktop)—Start, pause, stop, or reactivate an unlimited number of meters to track multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Flexible Reporting—Flexible formatting allows reporting to your specific needs.
  • Administrative Utilities—Allow you to track and report missing or incomplete timesheets and configure all users from a single source.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with TrakTime for PowerPM:

"TrakTime for PowerPM" is part of the PowerPM Practice Management Software line of products, developed by Commercial Logic.