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PowerPM Practice Management Software

A multi‑module management system designed by Commercial Logic.
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*OVERVIEW *- PowerPM is a full featured practice management product with integrated CRM, Contact Management, billing, accounts receivable, and management information systems. PowerPM works in conjunction with other Commercial Logic products including the TrakTime personal timesheet, the PowerForeCast budget & scheduling system, the TrakDate task and due date monitoring system, the PowerDex on-line rolodex, PowerView (data extraction utility) and PowerImport (data import utility).

PowerPM is built on a powerful database management engine and provides secure and rapid access to over a million online transactions if needed. The MDBS database software which PowerPM uses competes with Oracle and SyBase.

PowerPM maintains complete open item WIP and A/R and does not summarize the transaction. Detail as WIP is billed and Open Bills paid. Retrieval and reporting of transaction information is date driven. Most PowerPM features are currently available in our new Windows version 4, including a client management module that provides full access to your clients financial and master file information and the ability to add new clients and modify the records of existing clients, and complete billing functions.

Commercial Logic automatically upgrades its customers at No additional cost as additional CLI Windows modules for PowerPM are released.


  • On-screen or batch billing
  • No tedious month-end closing
  • Complete audit trail and control of WIP and A/R
  • Accurate Retroactive reporting.
  • Prior period reporting of WIP and A/R balances
  • Prior period balance modification ability if necessary
  • On-screen account information readily available for review
  • Validation of data entry codes and IDs
  • Date-driven
  • Over 150 standard report formats, each with powerful and flexible sort, selection, and summarization options
  • One-page recap of primary subtotals is automatically provided for management overview on most reports
  • Client/server technology The database server may be run as an NLM on a fileserver for optimal results
  • Unrivaled security of both functions and data as well as conditional access.
  • Multi-office processing support

Price: $100 per active timekeeper in sets of 5 with a minimum level of 10 timekeepers

Functionality Modules

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