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Commercial Logic

A developer of business management software.

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Commercial Logic, Inc. - provides unique solutions to the common problems of managing professional service firms, addressing issues of product and database stability, scattered data in multiple databases, poor vendor support, inadequate reporting and disruptive month-end procedures.

Commercial Logic, Inc. is a software publisher wholly dedicated to providing software and services to support the management of an accounting or consulting practice. CLI has been in this field as consultants since 1980 and as software vendors since 1985. As such, the company enjoys a long experience and a hard-won expertise in the problems of practice management. Although CLI has structured its products to serve all sizes of firms, we continue to focus our offerings on the medium to large practice.

CLI provides complete and flexible software in the industry but the centerpiece of our business is service. Time and billing is mission-critical software: when it stops, so does your cash flow. Our support lines are answered directly by our technicians, who prefer to solve the problem immediately, rather than with a call back. We provide onsite training and consulting services. We offer customization for the firms that want to go beyond the standard product.

Over the years we have learned that strong and effective practice management can not only save money for the firm, it can actually make money. Commercial Logic, Inc. is here to support partners and administrators to make money through better management of their resources.

Some features and benefits of Commercial Logic’s software:

Our PowerPM practice management software is designed around a powerful and integrated database management system which is capable of supporting over a million transactions online. The benefits:

  • No irritating summarization (and loss) of data
  • No filing of billed work in inaccessible history files
  • No tedious re-indexing
  • True open item WIP and A/R
  • Information is date driven and transaction based, hence flexible
  • No month end or year end closing requirements

TrakTime, CLI’s pioneering personal timesheet, was designed from inception to operate separately from the accounting database. The benefits:

  • The timesheet is readily portable to laptop, satellite office, or client site
  • No multi-user requirement
  • No overhead from personal timekeeping in the main database
  • Personal history of submitted and unsubmitted time always available to the timekeeper.
  • Web based version available
  • No loss of control from real time updating

Other features and benefits:

  • Substantive CRM, contact management, export and import features
  • Extensive and flexible reporting — who wants to write their own?
  • Quick and detailed on screen displays
  • Interactive on screen billing
  • Budgeting and scheduling
  • Due date monitoring

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