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Comeleon Software

A developer of business management software.

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Software as Adaptable as a Chameleon

Comeleon Software Inc. has created an easily customizable accounting software to adapt to the specific needs of mid-market businesses. Since its inception in 1979, Comeleon Software has been working closely with its clients to create software that matches business’ needs without the accompanying high customization costs.

Flexible Software That Can Be Easily Customized

Comeleon’s specialty is in customizing the software to any company’s unique requirements without the cost and risk of creating a completely new program. As every business has its own unique procedures, Comeleon’s software engineers provide clients with custom-made functionality while retaining all the advantages of standardized programs.

Comeleon offers the benefits of complete customization with the flexibility to adapt to the user’s environment without any programming changes. Its unique design allows for a system flow that is continually fine-tuned and customized without having to start the process all over again. Comeleon’s modules and tools will help increase your company’s efficiency by saving time on labor-intensive processes.

Comeleon has extensive experience in implementing systems in a wide spectrum of vertical markets and is continually seeking for new verticals to implement. The software is designed to meet the unique requirements of each client as its greatest strength is in adapting to the end user. Since the software design is end user driven, Comeleon’s greatest advantage in adaptability is the clients’ most significant business leverage.

Comeleon provides clients with efficient, prompt and thorough services. Clients receive excellent installation, implementation and user training. The company provides quality remote support via PC Anywhere, NetOP, the Comeleon Web site, email, fax and phone.

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  • Comeleon 4.1

    A software system designed by Comeleon Software.

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