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Without the right application to successfully track and determine the exact status of past due accounts, firms jeopardize not just revenue, but the potential future of the firm. Equally important is the ability of the application to integrate and access the information contained within the current ERP system. CollectSoft© enables firms to successfully access, track, and determine the status of past due accounts, and also provides the capability to integrate with a wide array of ERP systems. CollectSoft has the functionality to ensure vital communications are made, documented, and continued through it’s easy to use dashboards.

The collection module gives you the ability to:

  • Generate a Task List for Accounts to Contact with Designated Call Dates
  • Provide a Cash Receipt Projection Detail and Summary
  • Generate Monthly Task Assignment Lists
  • Closing Dates and Assignment List
  • Produce Dunning Letters including Customized Message Setup
  • Sort and View Data for a Complete Picture of Specific Account
  • Keep Detailed Notes of Communications and Events with Accounts
  • Email from CollectSoft for Confirmation Purposes
  • Email Documents with Detailed Notes
  • Utilize the Information Currently Available in the ERP System

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Collection Module:

"Collection Module" is part of the CollectSoft line of products, developed by CollectSoft.