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The capability to record client communications and receive confirmation of these communications is imperative. Whether determining future terms, or in circumstances that make notes and details instrumental, CollectSoft provides the necessary functionality. Set up and administrate the information that is utilized by authorized personnel within the CollectSoft environment. The Administration module allows the set up of specific collection staff members, write off definition, and accounting tasks. Collect-Soft also provides administration for monthly notes, which provide reminders when authorized personnel log into the system, and permits dunning letters with custom content specified by the amount of time they are past due. The Administration module ensures your system is accessed and defined as you intended, with appropriate access and change capabilities.

Features of this module include:

  • Set Up and Administration of Users
  • Management of Permissions
  • Accounting Task Set Up and Administration
  • Closing Tasks Set Up and Administration
  • Dunning Letter Set Up and Administration
  • Monthly New Update Set Up and Administration
  • Collection Staff Set Up and Administration
  • Write Off Set Up, Definition, and Administration
  • Email Account Set Up and Administration

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Administration Module:

"Administration Module" is part of the CollectSoft line of products, developed by CollectSoft.