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An ERP system designed by CollectSoft.
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CollectSoft is a stand alone solution designed to handle your collections and receivables management functions. Invoices from all sources (i.e. your ERP or billing solutions) can be easily imported in order to manage your collection process more effectively. All customer communication is documented within the system, and a complete customer history is easily able to be viewed. CollectSoft can easily automate the following functions:

  • Management of Daily Call Schedules
  • Printing of Invoices, Statements, Aging, Customer Trial Balance, and Customer Notes
  • The email of notes to Customers
  • Manage & Attach Documents

Below is a list of features (organized by function) of this program:

  • Balance Inquiry
    • Current Balance - CollectSoft has a single screen, where your staff can view all information regarding past payment practices of clients, giving your staff members a view of a client’s payment practices in an easy-to-read concise screen. On this screen you can see a client’s high balances, average days to pay, average days to past due, and average days outstanding.
    • High Balance - CollectSoft gives you the ability to view a client’s high balance coupled with days outstanding, days to pay, and days past due are to help you make decisions on whether or not to extend credit to a client. You can also use this information to make decisions regarding the issuance of deductions to any customers. This information can help your staff better assess the risk factors involved with your clients. By utilizing high balance details, you are able to determine the appropriate course of action with specific clients. By properly utilizing high balance information, you will be able to greatly reduce the costly financing mistakes that can arise.
    • Cash Flow Projections - By utilizing information on each clients past behavior, you will be able to construct cash flow projections.
  • Notes - The Notes features of CollectSoft allow you to:
    • Attach notes to client files.
    • Record all discussions with clients.
    • Attach documentation provided by clients.
    • Automatically send confirmation emails of discussions with a client’s personnel.
    • Track communication details, including dates and times client discussions occurred.
    • Track multiple notes for each client
    • Search for and review previous discussions
    • Attach multiple documents to client files
    • Email documents and notes to members of your staff or client contacts
  • Attachment - The Attachment features of CollectSoft allow you to:
    • Use a document repository to manage notes and describe documents
    • Record the date a document was added with automatic date and time stamps
    • Email documents to clients
  • Documents - The Documents features of CollectSoft reside primarily in the Invoice View. The Invoice View is a dashboard that gives you the ability to view all client invoices and payments posted, allowing you to:
    • Print Statements
    • Print Aging
    • Print Client Trial Balance
    • Print Client Notes
    • Email Notes to Clients
    • Attach Important Documents
  • Dunning Messages - The Dunning Messages features of CollectSoft allow you to create customized messages to specific clients based on the number of days past due. This information is used to develop a record of communication with each client incase communication verification becomes an issue.
  • Task Assignment - The Task Assignment features of CollectSoft allow you to:
    • Track the status of individual tasks
    • View status reports and activity on specific accounts
    • Assign monthly tasks to staff members, while tracking the status of current tasks
  • Write Off List - provides you with an easy to use interface that can write off accounts with one click.

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