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CollectSoft© is a leading collection software that provides organizations with a number of unique features, including Business Intelligence. CollectSoft is focused primarily on assisting organizations gain revenue acceleration from their past due accounts, through better delineated tasks and the utilization of business intelligence to improve their understanding of channels, territories, and specific accounts. CollectSoft solutions are a crucial element in the effort to shorten average days to pay, pertinent follow up with strategic accounts, and the ability to document and communicate with your client base.

Founded and anchored by independent holding firms, CollectSoft remains focused on one common goal—accelerating your firm’s stream of revenue by improved management of past due accounts.

Since its initiation, CollectSoft has continually developed and expanded its products. CollectSoft’s modules are the primary vehicle for improving collections, establishing better documentation and communications, and gaining better insight to your firm’s finances and direction through intuitive business intelligence. CollectSoft is also geared to assist a wide array of firms, ranging from technology corporations to manufacturers.

With extensive reporting easily shared through a number of commonly used programs, CollectSoft enables information to be forwarded to appropriate personnel to assist them in making pertinent decisions. CollectSoft reports also feature a number of drill-down capabilities to focus further on area of specific interest.

CollectSoft represents the next step for firms that understand the importance of organization. Coupled with our outstanding customer service and technological innovation, CollectSoft is an application that is part of firm’s serious dedication to accelerating revenue though the better management of past due accounts.

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