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Genius ERP/MRP

A materials resource planning system designed by Genius Solutions.
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Genius ERP/MRP is production management made for enterprises manufacturing with non repeating or repeating products, which are oriented toward sub-contracting. For the manager anxious to prepare a summary or detailed estimation and then to convert it into a customer order, Genius will automatically answer your needs. The order confirmation is then converted into a factory WORK ORDER to insure a follow-up on production. Rightly, Genius helps you evaluate the work load by operation (ex: casting, painting, assembly, inspection, etc…). The inventory is updated when confirmation of usage of material for the order in the factory is made. The list of requested material is then issued from the estimation list (which can be modified at confirmation of order).

This ERP/MRP type solution helps you make Material Requirement Planning or Employment Requirement Planning according to a backlog. The same practice can be made from sales estimations with the help of MRP SIMULATOR. It works as well on orders as on inventory manufacturing environment and it is totally integrated to BAR CODE interfaces for labor, material and inventory locations.

Here is a list of the modules included in the GENIUS software:

  • Estimation & Quotation
    • Order Entry, Shipping Management & Billing (ERP)
    • Option-Sales Point
    • Option-Sales Estimations
  • Director Planning (MRP I & II)
    • Option-MRP Simulation
    • Option-Management Planning System (MPS)
  • Inventory
    • Option-Bar Code Inventory
  • Purchases
  • Production Planning
  • Scheduling and Capacity
    • Option-Graphic Project Management
  • Time Sheet Management
    • Option-BAR CODE Information Collector (MOD)
  • Products and process file (including BOM and process list)
  • Master File
  • Maintenance File
  • Reports Issuer

The accounting modules are:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • General Ledger
  • Payroll
  • Unlimited users
  • Options: Multi currencies, GL integrated, fixed assets management, E-payments, direct deposit, etc. (over 220 companion products).

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Complete Functionality Module List

Reviews of Genius ERP/MRP


For smaller businesses with complex operations this is not the software I would recommend. It is best suited for the accountant and not the entire company.

The good: We have used this software for 5 years and its hard to think of much we like about it. The amount of information you can provide about a product is the only thing that sticks out.

The bad: The ability to make customized reports. The errors all appear in french instead of english. When consuming material if it appears more than once in a BOM it does not provide a running total of material left available.