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Genius Solutions

A developer of software designed for mid-market businesses in the manufacturing industry.

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Genius Solutions has been in the manufacturing software and process solutions environment since the early 1990’s. The company went through various iterations of evolution as consulting and industrial engineering company with focus on process management and productivity improvement. As result of this considerable experience the Genius Manufacturing software product was developed and introduced to the marketplace. Now in it’s 4 generation Genius has evolved to be one of the leading manufacturing software products in the Quebec region.

Genius Solutions is composed of four operating groups tightly linked together and managed under one umbrella by a management team with extensive experience in this sector.

  1. The software development group develops and supports the Genius manufacturing software product. The current product is in its 4th generation; reliable and with extensive features our product is continuously enhanced and is supported by a team with recognized experience.
  2. The implementation and professional services group provides installation, training and implementation services such that our customers get the full use of the software solution. But furthermore our experienced team is composed of engineers and technicians with relevant backgrounds including Industrial engineering, plant management and software implementation.
  3. The manufacturing accounting group enhances the professional services group with accounting knowledge applicable to the manufacturing environment. With our links to Sage Accpac, Fortune 1000, QuickBooks and upcoming Microsoft Dynamics many capabilities needed to operate the manufacturing organization can be handled by our group.
  4. The productivity group enhances the professional services group with a best practices and productivity enhancement consulting based on industrial engineering principles.

Product Lines

  • Genius ERP/MRP

    A materials resource planning system designed by Genius Solutions.

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