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This simple 2-screen program derives it’s power from it’s integration with COBRA’s Job Master Pro, Kwik Estimator, Inventory and Accounts Payable programs.

Special features in our Purchase Orders program include:

  • Imports of Material Lists from all other areas of COBRA; Jobs, past POs, Estimates and ad hoc Material Lists.
  • Create Bid Requests for quotes from multiple Suppliers.
  • Evaluate Material Lists for lowest Price by Item or the entire Lot Price and generate POs from the results of the evaluation.
  • Back-Order Lists can be printed by Job to give to project managers who need to line up Labor based on when Materials are due at the Job Site.
  • Receipt directly to Jobs / Inventory OR create a Job Inventory when Materials are received and then record the Items as they are installed.
  • Line up purchases for the future to ensure product availability and lock in pricing.
  • Update Inventory On Hand Quantities when Items are receipted to Inventory.
  • Automated Price History is generated each Item is receipted, so Contractor can monitor which Suppliers are consistent in their pricing.
  • Used with AP, COBRA automatically alerts AP clerk when Supplier has over billed, allowing clerk to set a Dispute on the Invoice while waiting for a Credit Memo.
  • Automatically update Job Cost and updates the Job’s Committed Dollars indicator on the Job Master Pro’s Job Center screen.
  • Add Sales Tax to Costs, when receipting Items.
  • Have Pricebook Costs Updated while also updating Job Cost.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Purchase Orders:

"Purchase Orders" is part of the Cobra Contractors Software line of products, developed by COBRA Business Operations Software.