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Typical Accounting programs make the Contractor wait until their Payroll has been completed or a month end closing has taken place before their Job Budgets and Work-in-Progress numbers are updated. This delay keeps the Contractor from observing trends that warn him of a job (or phase within the job) that has gone over budget.

With COBRA, as hours and materials are entered, the Job Cost is updated instantly! The Contractor is able to spot a problem (cost overrun) in its infancy and avoid the added costs of catching it at a later, more severe stage. Cost savings can amount up to 25%.

With COBRA, everyone works in the same database, sharing information with each other. Worker productivity goes up and mistakes go down. Everything about a job is neatly organized in one simple screen. The Contractor’s decision making improves as he goes from being reactive to proactive. Profit margins are secure while losses are avoided.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Project Manager:

"Project Manager" is part of the Cobra Contractors Software line of products, developed by COBRA Business Operations Software.