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Once again, where the generic programs leave the Contractor hanging,we take things to a new level of efficiency and user-control.

Our Payroll program is complete. It’s ready for Direct Deposit when the Contractor is ready for it. Track Time-off. Get all of your monthly, quarterly and annual tax reporting done, including W2s.

Where we stand apart from any other Payroll program is in the design. The Contracting business has far too many special payroll issues that are not addressed by other payroll programs.

These include, Union Payroll, tracking Workman’s Compensation and Certified Reporting.

Plus, because we store each Year’s Payroll separately – all the hassle is taken out of the end-of-year processing. In traditional Payroll programs, you can’t work in the current Year before you finish that last year. Not so with ours! The user can even set up the new year, update the Tax Table (available on our web site), prepare changes for the upcoming year and still go back to last year and finish up the year!

And, because Contractors like to have Job Hours updated as soon as the hours are entered into Payroll, our unique ability to have more than 1 Pay Run going at a time means that the Time Cards can be entered every day!

Or, if someone is leaving and the Contractor needs to get them a Check TODAY, a separate Pay Run can be set up and completed while the main Pay Run for the week is still on-going! Same for Bonuses!

Plus, our exclusive feature that let’s the Pay Run be reset without losing the Time Card Entry, let’s the user make corrections to the Pay Run and continue on. This takes the worry out of running a Payroll program.

As one 100+ man shop once told us “If I made a mistake in my old program I had to start all over. With COBRA’s Payroll, I just make the correction I need to make and keep going. You couldn’t tear my COBRA Payroll away from me!”

Contractors are audited each year for Workman’s Compensation, we encourage our Customers to get this set up within our Payroll program. We’re experts at how this is done and save our Customer literally hundreds of thousand of dollars a year by automating this in our Payroll program.

Any Union Contractor understands the complexities of setting up a Union Payroll. Once again, we understand all of this and will help the Union Contractor every step of the way!

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Payroll:

"Payroll" is part of the Cobra Contractors Software line of products, developed by COBRA Business Operations Software.