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Our flagship product that includes everything needed to do T&M, Service and Contract Jobs. Job Budgets and all related Job Cost and Work-in-Progress indicators help the Contractor to stay on top of any Job at any time during it’s life-cycle.

T&M and Progress Billings are included along with a full Accounts Receivable module for complete Work-in-Progress monitoring. We track Retainage separately within the AR, so the Contractor’s Aging doesn’t look over-aged when going to secure funding for long-term projects.

Our exclusive Job Center screen is updated in real-time and brings all Job Information together for quick access to anything related to that job.

Store and retrieve Documents by Job, Customer (or Vendor, with the purchase of our AP program). Links to the internet Map programs to get directions and Maps to Customer and Job Locations.

Our exclusive Electronic Pricebook of Material Items is very different than any other software program’s Inventory list. With 9 different ways to find Items, there’s no reason why anyone in the office can’t find Items for Estimating, Job Costing and Billing, and purchasing.

We specialize in Local Supplier Price Updating, so the Contractor is always working with up-to-date pricing from their Suppliers.

Our Customer database functions allow the Contractor to quickly find Customers and past history on Installed Equipment, Collections Notes, Directions or problems. Any of this information can be selected for inclusion on Work Orders, so the field worker knows exactly how to service the Customer.

The Contractor can also create and print / email lists by any desired criteria. One very popular feature is the ability to create Letters and merge with a list of Customers who have a specific piece of Equipment Installed at the site.

Multiple Customer Locations can be set up when 1 Customer has more than 1 Location. AND, any Installed Equipment is tagged to that Location!

Basically, any Contractor who wants to get a lot more out of their business, but isn’t comfortable buying a full-integrated solution begins with this one. It beats the pants off of any generic accounting program! Smaller Contractors use this program in conjunction with their generic accounting program.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Job Master Pro:

"Job Master Pro" is part of the Cobra Contractors Software line of products, developed by COBRA Business Operations Software.