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COBRA Business Operations Software

A developer of business management software designed for the construction industry.

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COBRA Contractors Software

Since 1985, COBRA Contractors Software has specialized in the development of software specific to the Contracting industry.

Our suite of integrated software programs work together to produce time and money saving solutions that can’t be achieved in any other Contractor software program.

And because we are the developers of the software, we can sell to our market at prices far less than Contrator software sold through dealers or resellers.

Our Company mission is to work directly with our customers, developing real world Contractor solutions.

Contractors interested in learning more about COBRA are encouraged to visit with us on-line for a demonstration. We’ll focus in on your specific needs and demonstrate the solutions for you. And it doesn’t matter how many demonstrations you may need - as this is pivotal in establishing a working relationship that we want to last forever.

What really sets us apart from any other software company is what we offer you after the sale.

When you become a COBRA customer, you’re treated to first class training and support. You can choose from several training options.

Our free on-line Training includes weekly sessions with a COBRA Coach. You and your Coach agree on an implementation schedule and work together to achieve your goals.

For an additional cost, you can have a COBRA National Trainer come to your office for on-site training.

The free on-line Training & Support is included for the first year of ownership. You can phone/fax/email questions to us and our courteous Help Desk people will respond promptly.

Other free services include:

Monthly Webinars. This is where COBRA users from around the country meet on-line with COBRA Coaches. A “specific topic” is demonstrated by a COBRA Coach. COBRA users are encouraged to ask questions and share ideas with everyone in attendance. The one hour Webinar sessions fill up fast so get your reservation in early.

COBRA customers can also access our video training library which is available 24/7 at our website, www.cobra-usa.com. The videos last 5-10 minutes in length. Each video features a COBRA Coach showing you how to perform the topic you’ve selected. The Videos are a valuable training tool for new employees as well as seasoned COBRA users who want to expand their skill level.

Software Updates. The best ideas come from our users. You can speak directly with us regarding ideas you’d like to see in the software. We take the best ideas, write the changes and post them on our website where you can download them at anytime.

Getting Started with COBRA. We understand that changing software can be stressful. Our approach is to work with you in setting up an implementation time line. Our integrated, yet modular programs can be implemented in stages to take as much of the pain out of it as possible! COBRA Business Coaches know how to transition you off of your current software system, so you begin to see results immediately.

Since 1985 we’ve had the very best Customer-Retention Rating in the industry. Our on-going “all inclusive” Annual Maintenance is the lowest in the industry.

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