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Business to Consumer eCommerce: coAction offers robust, on-demand eCommerce solutions for B2C companies with an emphasis on the all-important user experience whether they access online, mobile or in-store channels.

Business to Business eCommerce: coAction’s B2B eCommerce platform provides a single collaboration portal that connects your customers with your sales, marketing, finance and customer service teams throughout the entire commerce lifecycle from order to cash.

Order Management: Enjoy seamlessly integrated eCommerce, Order Management and Inventory Management right out of the box. Eliminate the costly integration expenses, hassles and headaches that come with other so-called enterprise-level solutions; along with an enterprise-level price tag.

Campaign Management: coAction Marketing Campaign Management is a comprehensive solution to plan, test and execute multi-channel marketing campaigns so you can improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

Invoicing & Payments: Our Invoicing & Payments platform offers an easy to use and flexible Web-based environment for invoicing and payment. Use its rules-based services and notifications to ensure signup and continued use of Web-invoicing by customers.

Receivables: coAction offers an advanced receivables platform that brings together the best of collection processes and strategies to manage collections-related activities.

Returns & Claims: coAction offers a Returns & Claims platform which brings together people, process and technology in a comprehensive and coordinated system that aims to substantially reduce deductions and exceptions.

Service & Support: coAction offers an on demand and easy to use rich web application for customer service and support.

Functionality Modules

Receivables Management coAction Receviables Management provides an advanced platform that allows you to dramatically improve your order-to-cash process. Receivables Management combines the best of…

Invoicing & Payments According to Gartner, the average biller can save at least $5.7 million annually by sending Web-based invoices to corporate customers. So why has there been not enough…

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