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Features Include

TRACK JOBS: Browse through job tickets and their tasks. Or, pick a job ticket from the lookup list that lists all of the shop’s open jobs. The Job Ticket web page looks like the job ticket window in Clients & Profits, so it will be familiar to anyone who’s used it before. From the Job Ticket page you can view the job’s billings, POs, costs, specs, snapshot, creative brief, WIP, and work order. Users with the right access privileges can add tasks to an open job ticket.

PROPOSALS: New client proposals can be added, edited, or printed right from your browser.

OPEN NEW JOBS: New jobs can be opened for any client based on the user’s access privileges. If a new job is given a job type/spec sheet, My Clients & Profits! will copy the template’s tasks to the new job automatically.

VIEW ESTIMATES: The Estimate web page shows the job’s tasks and their budget and estimate amounts. An estimate’s prior revisions can be reviewed by choosing the revision from the pop-up menu. Job estimates can be changed from the My C&P! web page.

CREATIVE BRIEFS: A job’s creative brief can be edited by anyone with the right access privileges.

CHANGE ORDERS: The Change Orders web page lists a job’s change orders. The details on an existing change order can be viewed by clicking on its line number. New change orders can be added any time, which update the job ticket instantly.

JOB DIARY: The Job Diary logs changes to the job’s status, estimate, and specifications. You can also quickly review a job’s costs for one or more tasks from the Job Diary web page, as well as add a new diary entry.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Job Tickets:

"Job Tickets" is part of the My Clients & Profits! line of products, developed by Clients & Profits.

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